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Firmware Update A300

Postby admin » Fri, 04 May 2012, 10:36 am

Firmware Update Popcorn Hour A-300 - 1 Maret 2012

1. Mininum NMT apps 05-01-111007-23-POP-421
2. Firmware
- Added torrent file type listing on file browser
- Fixed subtitle mess up issue after playback BD ISO
- Fixed video menu and audio menu multilanguage
3. File Browser
- Fixed download invalid nfo issue
- Fixed download incorrect nfo if file name contain & issue
- Fixed unmount shared folder unable to access nmj or nmj manager
- Fixed delete key is disabled in network media, network browser, workgroup, network computer and computer shared folder as well as upnp
- Fixed unable to read poster, fanart and nfo file for iso file
- Fixed Filebrowser does not remember settings
- Fixed edit movie info's input box for iso file shows extension
- Fixed after downloading subtitle, info does not show "done"
- Fixed pressing page up and down will corrupt file list display when total item is 50
- Changed to proceed subtitle search request even failed to get hash
- Support to add torrent
- Added an option to delete all the NFO, Cover Art, Fan Art and Subtitle files corresponding to this file
4. NMJ 2.0
- Fixed download invalid nfo issue
- Fixed download incorrect nfo if file name contain & issue
- Fixed list mode quick search index pagination issue
- Fixed preloader position issue
- Fixed jump to 's preloader position issue
- Fixed video by rating show indicator
- Fixed show invalid msg [your setting has not been saved] when key in invalid passcode at parental control issue
- Fixed list music pagination bug
- Fixed left right pagination issue
- Fixed after playback refresh recently watch column issue
- Fixed after delete refresh column issue
- Fixed category mode cache list issue
- changed "scan all" to "update all"
- changed "stop scanning" to "stop updating"
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