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Firmware Popcorn Hour A200/A210

Postby vincent » Mon, 08 Mar 2010, 12:37 pm

PCH wrote:Release date : 11 July 2013

firmware terbaru dengan Jukebox yang baru....

Release date : 11 July 2013
Firmware version : 03-05-130708-21-POP-411-000

1. Known Issues
- NMJ won't get created if the Share/Drive is Read Only
- Apps Market currently not possible to activate Mature Content Apps

2. NMJ
- New NMJ UI Added as shown in the Mockup Thread http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showt ... ?tid=64122
- Changed when at lastwatch scene, press down from tab will focus at Last watch scene image
- Added option to turn off tooltips and tips box at NMJ Setup
- Added option to customize default media view when access Video, Music and Photo
- Added option to disable capture last watch scene
- Added option to customize pane opacity for video info pane and episode pane
- Added support to fetch on line subtitle
- Added enhanced Video details
- Added enhanced Music details
- Added auto focus at last watched episode at episode list
- Added auto focus at last watched season at season list
- Added show video fps info, aspect ratio, external subtitle format
- Added show episode file info
- Added show song file info
- Added Support to have full view of fanart by press i key or down key at video info
- Added Return key function for rating box, delete box & subtitle box.
- Added Return key function to open menu at wall, list and category view
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby adamndut » Fri, 12 Mar 2010, 6:56 pm

Cihuuuuy bisa - Added REPEAT A-B function for DVD/VIDEO_TS and CDDA

asik buat play koleksi bagus guaaa
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby rectifier » Fri, 12 Mar 2010, 11:21 pm

Wah, banyak sekali improvisasi di firmware terbaru ya, ngomong ngomong, PCH A-200 yang akan beredar di Indo bulan Maret ini sudah diupdate dengan firmware terbaru ini blum ya?
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby muharto.kartasasmita » Wed, 17 Mar 2010, 9:55 am

Bro, kalau firmware untuk A-200 apa bisa digunakan untuk C-200 atau sebaliknya ?
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby welly » Thu, 18 Mar 2010, 8:26 am

hello, keknya gak bisa tuch, kan masing2 tipe ada firmwarenya, coba aja ke http://www.popcornhour.com/download/firmware_update.html
bisa pilih langsung kok, firmware mana yang mo di pake.
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby PCH » Thu, 23 Sep 2010, 7:33 pm

firmware terbaru: 02-03-100918-21-POP-411

Download link: http://files.syabas.com/popcornhour/firmware/a200/02-03-100918-21-POP-411-000.zip

1. Minimum NMT apps 02-03-100427-21-POP-411
- BD playback - Load subtitle index.srt (case sensitive) in BDMV folder by default
- Now allow both *.ISO and *.iso to be detected for external SRT subtitles
- SimpleBD fast rewind
- currently it does not span over if the video consists of multiple TS.
- fast forward beyond 4x still under development
3. Video and Audio playback
- HD audio passthrough support for file playback
- Fixed certain Arabic subtitle failed to display
- Fixed failure to playback some AVI which contain ID3 (aoe-cop.avi)
- Fixed frequent press of Enter key at start of audio file playback occasional cause system failure
- MKV file playback with new audio/subtitle/chapter navigator ala SimpleBD menu style
- Press Title key
- Fixed some MKV (created with makemkv) freeze on time seek
- Fixed MKV with 5.1 FLAC audio cannot playback
- Fixed subtitle not displayed after 64 subs (Sigma bugId 11560)
- external IDX/SUB (D1 resolution only) support for MKV
- Fixed m4a with unsupported genre metadata crashing the player (Bug #5000716)
- Fixed incorrect playback timer for MPEG after trickmode (Bug #5000072)
- Changed DTS default setting to PCM in setup
- Improve pre-buffering for H.264 streaming
- TrueAudio (.tta) audio file playback support
- Fixed background image conflicting with the listing page after pressing stop button at exact end of the music file (Bug #5001072)
- Fixed missing subtitle "track" submenu during first playback after system reboot (Bug #5001116)
- MP3 handling for certain bad unconventional v2.4 ID3 tag
- Fixed playback issue with some mp3 files with multiple ID3 tag
- Fixed certain IDX/SUB cannot display (IDX that contains only selected non-zero substream index)
- Fixed audio mute/unmute issue at the beginning of file playback
- Fixed a mp3 with embedded cover art cause crash (Bug #t0000391)
- Fixed DTS-HD changed to PCM after Dolby Digital Analog/PCM selection is changed (Bug #t0000384)
- Fixed DTS audio loss after playback files with DTS-MA
- Better rendering for subtitle
- subtitle improvement
- added "auto" in Color to apply native styles in SSA ("white/red" option is removed).
- note that when subtitle Color set to "auto", other settings becomes inaccesible
- hide "Color", "Size" and "Position" when they are not applicable (e.g. IDX/SUB)
- Fixed wrong audio format info displayed on Info bar
- Fixed FF (mkv, avi) broken in previous release
- disable SSA subtitle animation
- Fixed +-30sec skip (RIGHT/LEFT key) not working properly during certain M2TS playback (Bug #5001535 = #0000246)
- Fixed HDMI audio mute broken
- Workaround for MKV with "header removal compression"
- Fixed proper display of audio info on Info bar
- Fixed volume control sluggishness during Internet radio
- Fixed sound burst when certain WAV playback starts.
- Fixed issue with MP4 file > 2GB playback through HTTP
- Fixed incorrect volume level during certain DVD playback
- Fixed SimpleBD DTS-HD audio incorrectly switched to DTS after seek operation (Bug #5001602)
- Fixed certain small video files causing incorrect "buffering" display and hang up after playback
- Fixed audio volume level and mute inconsistency after seek operation
- Fixed wrong fps info on certain TS and MKV files
- Improved ASS/SSA subtitle engine (Anime correct tag, color, etc...)
- SSA/ASS subtitle rendering patches (.ASS extension supported now)
- Improved bookmark handling for all fileplayer playback.
- Initial pause for 3 seconds when framerate sync activates at start of playback.
- Fixed DTS-HD switched to DTS after seek/trick mode issue.
- Fixed audio downmixing for fileplayer playback.
- modified related options in setup page
- text subtitle font size fixes (Bug #0000139)
- Fixed missing center channel when directly connect to HDMI TV in Dolby Digital passthrough mode
- Reverted some bookmark handling due to stability issue.
4. Photo app
- Fixed slideshow failed via Picasa if the album has more than 700 photos (Bug #5000535)
- Fixed incorrect photo played randomly when play a single photo (pressing Enter) via myiHome (Bug #5000535)
- Fixed photo playback crash due to photo EXIF parsing
5. System/Network
- Fixed "purple splash" during system bootup
- When Ethernet speed set to 10/100, TCP Receive Window will be disabled
- Set TCP Receive Window to 0 for "Auto" trying to find best value.
Manually change this value if it works better on your Gigabit network.
- Fixed failure to go to enter Media Source screen after setting TCP Receive Window to "auto"
- new Ralink RT2880 MII Wifi card driver
- Modified Hungarian text
- Workaround for occasional HDMI blackout when AVR/TV on/off or hotplug
- Added "open source license" page
- update on Traditional Chinese language pack
- Added patch for GPT USB (Drobo)
- minor French translation fixes
- Fixed HDMI CEC regression (Bug #5001609/#0000144)
- memory leak fix
- Fixed soft-reboot failure with certain boards
- Some fixes for HDMI output issue, other reported issues still attempting to reproduce and trace.
6. Browser
- Fixed file rename issue with character '$'
7. UPnP AV
- Fixed remote renderer (EyeCon etc) cannot set pause, mute, volume up/down
- Fixed discovered devices disappear when certain UPnP device is attached to network
- Swisscenter Simple Media Server (SIME); reduce waiting time of change track.
- PlayOn UPnP server; fix streaming issue.
8. Web Services
- Fixed minor pop-up message word-wrap issue (Bug #0000250)
9. AppCenter (PHF / ROBIG)
- Fixed old shoutcast menu could not pop up
- "Standby" by pressing Power key
- Fixed Return key not working
- new revision3, shoutcast, weatherbug PHF
- Channels.com (removed from latest release due some changes on partner's server API, currently under QA)
- KiniTV
- fixed broken playback issue
- fixed screensaver activated during playback
- Next New Network
- Fixed Cocktails channel url issue
- Fixed unable to exit issue
- Reposition exit button
- Removed Indy_mogul - The Best Short Films in the World (due to no feeds available)
- Refine error message
- fixed screensaver activated during playback
- Photobucket, fixed crash issue for Interestingness page and limit to 16 items
- Revision 3
- Fixed navigation issue after playback
- Disable screensaver during playback
- Refine error message
- Shoutcast Radio
- Refine the playback handling
- Fix navigation issue with Menu being blocked after performing Search.
- Weatherbug
- Fixed navigation issue, description being truncated and html syntax issue
- Fixed tracking station list format issue
- Fixed lost focus issue after changing tracking station
- Fixed setting issues
- Fixed revert to local info after 30s issue
- Support 3 digit display for Celsius setting
- Fixed bird animation (wing , eye flip) issue
- New apps
- BlipTV
- Livestation
- MotorzTv
- Picasa Web Album
- Twitter
- Youtube (is back!)
10. NMT Apps
- Fixed NMT Setup unable to perform fresh setup on new harddisk with no partition
- Fixed NZBGet causes harddisk spindown issue
11. Known issues
- Does not output or downmix Dolby Digital core from Dolby TrueHD for file playback and SimpleBD
- video blackout for a few seconds while framerate sync is performed
- WMAPro RAW output cause hang-up; forced to PCM (downmix) as workaround
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Postby PCH » Fri, 26 Nov 2010, 11:45 pm


1. Minimum NMT apps 02-04-101104-21-POP-411
- Fixed BD ISO slow
- Fixed SimpleBD chaptering freeze
- Fixed BD ISO playback from NMJ
- Fixed for certain BD no audio output in downmix mode
3. Video and Audio playback
- Modified positioning for external subtitle
- Forced SSA subtitle font size and fixed alpha blending in SSA
- Fixed playback crash with odd-sized length (Bug #5001624)
- Fixed VC1 inside MKV get stuttering issue (Bug #5001664)
- Fixed Auto tvmode unable to change with framerate sync
- Fixed external subtitles not showing when playing AVCHD files
- Fixed volume not sync with setting in DVD playback
- Fixed MKV aspect ratio issue
- Fixed PCM audio passthrough not working
- Fixed MP4 resume from bookmark freeze issue
- Fixed subtitle colour selection screen always default to while/black issue
- Fixed issue where after playback audio from nmj, playback video at browser, video will be played at background
- Fixed playback protected WMA audio files causing system to reboot
- Improved MKV subtitle
- Fixed MKV resume problem
4. Networked Media JukeBox (NMJ)
- New NMJ UI to complement legacy folder/file based UI
- Triggered by pressing Video, Music, Photo button twice. First will select the filter, Second press will go into NMJ UI. Another press will get you back to the legacy UI.
- For more information, check the Help pages under the Start Menu.
- Fixed NMJ hang when harddisk is full
- Fixed problem with audio file that has "`" in filename
- Remember last accessed filter
- Added Auto Start Menu, you can turn this On/Off
- Added List View
- Added shine effect when highlight in Wall View
- Fixed poster at Category View movie details
- Fixed the scrolling plot summary issue
- Fixed update movie info when invalid ID or failed to connect
- Background/foreground scan HDD full error handling
- Enhanced Help
- Press Time Seek to trigger search popup
- Support casts, directors and artist search from detail page.
- Added video format and resolution info.
- Added watched/unwatched feature for video.
- Support Wallpaper search for video.
- Support Wallpaper/poster searching API.
- Support track number info in album detail page.
- Added rescan feature.
- First time scanning now in NMJ UI.
- Add directory and file info on UI while scanning.
- Fixed corrupted PNG causing scanner to crash issue.
- Fixed issue where some JPEG can caused scanner to crash.
- Enlarge font for the title at the bottom of the Wall View.
- Fixed recently watched refresh issues
- Fixed shine effect on the active selection causing ripple effect to surrounding posters.
- Fixed pause, resume scan issues
- Fixed database corruption issue when shutdown during scanning
- Fixed unknown album handling
- Fixed watch icon update after playback
- Fixed search cast at category view
- Fixed special character issue for music
- Fixed issue at edit cover art
- Fixed Blue key cannot go to Apps Market in NMJ
- Fixed passcode submit value issue
- Added Run time for List View
- Fixed certain AVI files getting incorrect metadata from IMDB
- Added TV-G/TV-Y7/TV-14/TV-PG at parental menu page
- Fixed Hebrew text direction issue
- Fixed exit NMJ get "request cannot be process" page
- Fixed cannot re-enter NMJ immediately after quiting
- Support fanart
- Fixed Samba on Windows XP/Vista cannot create video category problem
- Corrected some help text typo error.
- Fixed music->playlist page sometimes cannot switch to video or photo page in NMJ
- Fixed music detail page not using "unknown" cover art for unknown album
- Fixed poster not updated in video category or wall view after database is updated using "refresh"
5. System/Network
- Fixed short blackout during second boot up screen
- Fixed bootup stuck at second boot up screen issue
6. Apps Market
- Fixed Apps Market color key sometimes lead to error page
- Apps Market with new theme
- Apps Market multilanguage support (chinese, dutch, french, german, hebrew, polish, spanish, swedish)
- Fixed shoutcast cannot playback issue
- Added support for home/setup key
- Further Shoutcase fixes
- take long time to start time
- audio candy and marquee window shown up
- switch channel and it doesnt start play that channel
- Added handling for fresh app partition
7. Known issues
- Apps Market may become inaccessible after long playback, requiring a reboot. However, installed apps will still work.
- Image with the same name as the movie file, in the same folder as the movie file, will get deleted
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby chiesouw » Wed, 08 Dec 2010, 3:20 pm

ngomong2 bagaimana cara update firmwarenya yah?

pake flash disk bisa yah? atau musti langsung dari Popcornhour nya?
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby kenny » Wed, 08 Dec 2010, 6:48 pm

bro, coba liat tutorial ini: update firmware melalui USB
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Re: Latest Firmware

Postby PCH » Sat, 18 Dec 2010, 8:23 am

Firmware 17 December 2010 02-04-101208-21-POP-411-000

1. Still same NMT apps 02-04-101104-21-POP-411
2. Video and Audio playback
- Fixed MP3 gapless playback
3. Networked Media JukeBox (NMJ)
- Fixed Movie Cover Art get deleted when the image filename is the same as movie filename
- Fixed database cannot be created over NFS due to newly created nmj_database folder unable to change access permission
- Fixed read-only samba share folder will hang scanner at "verifying" state
- Added error message when fail to update read-only samba share from older database version
- When database is created offline, subsequent Refresh at Movie Detail page will fail even when online (Bug# 5001807)
- Fixed Episode name will sometime overlap with "episodes" button in Movie Detail page
- Fixed when switching between Video and Audio page using buttons in the Menu, results in "No content found" error
- Periodic repeat "Shine" effect for Video and Music Wall
- Fixed "Insufficient Disk Space" error while scanning audio file
- Fixed ISO/BDMV/VOB file unable to be marked as watched
- Improve Up/Down navigation for Video Category Page
- Fixed Episode number showned as "null" when Episode number is unknown.
- Change Movie Cover Art help instruction
- Fixed when switching from NMJ UI to legacy UI will focused on the wrong file.
- Disable functions like delete, photo rotate, video editing, rescan... when the filesystem is read-only
- Fixed capture fail for last watch scene of ISO file
- Fixed deleted movie still shown on recently watch page
- Fixed Autoscan always overwrite original database
- Added GIF/PNG/TIF/BMP support as embedded album art for non-MP3 audio files.
- Fixed in Movie Detail page, the old stop-time will sometimes overlap with the new stop-time, in the Last Watched Scene box.
- Fixed filename inside Movie Detail Page does not change when focus on next title.
- Added resolution/format/total time details for ISO file
- Fixed TV Series with more than ten season incorrectly sorted as 1,10,11,2,3...
- Fixed issue where customised Wallpaper will change to default image when doing Refresh in Movie Detail page
4. System/Network
- Fixed wireless network stop working after 30 minutes
- Fixed static IP not working
5. Apps/Apps Market
- Fixed Shoutcast continue playing when quitting using home/eject button
- Fixed YouTube crash when ended in RC3
6. Known issues
- Second bootup screen incorrect when boot up into SD mode
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